7 Steps To Making Instagram Work For You

February 4, 2019
February 4, 2019 steve

Growing your business and brand should be the most important focal point of how you spend your time as an entrepreneur, business owner or independent artist. Social media is the new TV, print and radio advertising, but unless you know how to make your posts engaging, you are wasting your time. Today, I want to share with you

7 Essential Steps to Write an Outstanding Instagram Post. Let’s get started! 

1.   Use Product Posts

Since Instagram is popularly known as an image sharing platform, people will expect you to show off pictures and videos of your products.

Uploading content with pictures of your products will help to drive sales and market your business on this fast-growing platform.

You could post photos of your products alone or post them with your lifestyle photo or with some few other complimentary products.

In this case, you will need to get creative while following these steps to write an outstanding Instagram post.

Also, you will need to create product posts appropriately else you could come across as spammy.

You must incorporate interesting captions and not just featuring the product name.

In fact, you could execute the post by making the post look like you are pitching the product thereby highlighting the features and benefits.

2.   Ask followers to tag a friend

You need to encourage your followers to tag a friend who is likely to “Like” the product or who is relevant to the post you are making.

This way, many people will get to know about your brand.

Nevertheless, you will also need to be cautious with this strategy or you will appear like you are just spamming your followers.

So, you need to encourage users to tag a friend wisely.

3.   Take Advantage of Product Tags

If you want to get direct purchase via Instagram, you could take advantage of product tags and stickers in your post and stories.

This way, a user will be able to know more about the product and how to purchase it by clicking on the product tag.

In fact, the easiest way for customers to make a purchase on mobile is to use product tags in your posts.

Note that this approach will also allow the customer to follow you.

The latest release of product stickers by Instagram has also made it easier for users to learn more about the products by just clicking on the sticker.

4.   Show Your Followers Behind-the-scenes

You could also engage your followers by posting behind-the-scenes content- followers love this.

In fact, this is the best way to create transparency since your followers will know who the real person behind the business is.

It will also establish trust.

The good thing is that behind-the-scenes content doesn’t need to be outstanding as some of your pictures.

This is why most brands prefer to show behind-the-scenes content of their stores.

5.   Live Video

Users like live videos and going live in your posts can build a good rapport with your customers fast.

You will appear trustworthy and your followers can intermingle with your brand in real-time since they will get a notification whenever you go live.

This is the most effective way to answer your followers’ questions, showcase behind-the-scenes content or introduce a new product.

You can also feature the live video in your Stories which adds content with social proof.

6.   Use Quotes as a Source of Inspiration

People love inspirational quotes.

Well, the online world is full of negativity and sometimes people want to see something optimistic or inspiring.

It’s a good approach to create optimistic relationships between your business and your fans.

However, when posting inspirational quotes make the image attractive with dynamic colors and layouts.

7.   Create Fun Videos

Video content is one of the best methods in today’s social setting and when you post fun videos in your Instagram feeds, you will attract more followers that you may think.

It will depend on what type of videos you want to create.

Conclusion – Steps to Write an Outstanding Instagram Post

There you have it: seven essential steps to write an amazing Instagram post. Remember, you should be consistent on the site, and also, you should share varied posts and content to keep your followers fascinated.

As social media continues to become an essential part of our day to day lives it is crucial to use it to our advantage and get our messages to the world which in turn results to sales.

Following the Steps to Write an Outstanding Instagram Post we’ve described above will help your information to reach a wider audience fast and on a boundless scale.


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